Frauds in Dubai

Dubai Properties (DP) is committed to the highest ethical standards and follows a zero tolerance to breaches of those standards and to fraud.  Fraud or a breach of ethics is a serious problem that may have severe repercussions for a business.  DP recognises the value of transparency and accountability in its management practices and supports the right of individuals to report fraud or unethical behaviour.  We therefore encourage our business partners to bring fraudulent or unethical behaviour or actions to the attention of DP to help us evaluate any potential risks or threats.

Any person suspecting that fraud or a breach of our ethics code has or may occur may report their suspicions confidentially as set out below.  All communications made in this way will be examined by the DP's Fraud and Ethics and Review Committee ("FERC").

FERC will investigate the allegation. Once the investigation into the alleged ethical misconduct is complete, FERC may inform the Whistleblower of the results of the investigation as well as any corrective steps that are being taken. If an allegation of ethical misconduct is substantiated, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the responsible individual(s).​

Visit trustline.ae to submit suspected frauds in Dubai or unethical behavior involving Dubai Holding.