The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Dubai Real Estate

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Dubai Real Estate

There’s never been a better time to get your foot on Dubai’s real-estate ladder. If you’re a first-time buyer searching for sunnier climes, are looking for a home where your family can grow or are an investor seeking to capitalise on a profitable market, Dubai’s real estate represents enticing opportunities. With Dubai Properties, you’ll find a varied portfolio in unique communities designed to match the lifestyles and life stages that thrive in this most cosmopolitan of cities.

Dubai in detail

Over the past two decades, Dubai’s landscape has witnessed sweeping changes and advancements. The gorgeous weather and charming culture are still here, but the city is now home to an ever-growing list of desirable benefits:


Due to its location in between the east and west, Dubai International Airport is the most-used airport in the world, with over 80 million people arriving each year to experience the city’s unparalleled tourist attractions or to confirm its status as a global hub for business and finance. 


Dubai Government’s vision of making this city home to forward-thinking developments is evident in its infrastructure. Beyond the shape-shifting skyline and views from above, Dubai is a connected metropolis, with a modern network of roads, fully automated metro lines and convenient bus and tram systems reaching all corners of the city. 


By the close of 2018, foreign investors in Dubai will be able to own 100% of their businesses, while students and world-class professionals will soon have access to five- and 10-year residency visas. This is all part of Dubai Government’s plan to enhance the city’s position as an investor-friendly economy.

Quality of life

Dubai has a catalogue of state-of-the-art hospitals, with all businesses obliged to provide employees with health insurance. There are award-winning schools, colleges and universities, while the city’s name frequently registers at the top of lists for happiest residents and safest cities. 

Aligned with this transformation is Dubai Properties’ 15 years of experience as leaders of the region’s market. With a growing inventory of communities located in some of the city’s most desirable and upcoming areas, we’re well-positioned to offer you the dream home or investment opportunity. Let’s take a brief look at the affordable and luxurious options:


Best for: families, first-time buyers and investors

Property types: studios, townhouses and villas

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of busy areas, Dubailand symbolises why many choose to live in Dubai: it’s a space to unwind. Designed with families and first-time buyers in mind, Dubailand offers myriad properties at affordable and high-end price points. Boasting world-class leisure attractions, shopping malls, cinemas and restaurants, this community is situated near schools, nurseries and medical clinics, with Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina just a 25-minute drive away in either direction.

Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

Best for: affluent professionals, young families and investors

Property types: studios, apartments and penthouses

Sand as far as the eye can see, an open-air mall, five-star hotels and thriving social calendar – Jumeirah Beach Residence has everything you’d expect from a beachside community and more. Our property, the stunning 43-storey 1/JBR, acts as the dream location for those who wish to wake up to ocean views and spend their days and evenings embracing a mix of beach and city living. JBR is also located on the road to Abu Dhabi, making it a great choice for those who need to commute to the capital.

Al Jaddaf Waterfront

Best for: families, first-time buyers, affluent professionals and investors

Property types: townhouses, villas, studios and apartments

Al Jaddaf Waterfront bridges Dubai’s proud past and exhilarating future. Located on the bank of the historic Dubai Creek, the Al Jaddaf Waterfront district blends residential areas with retail attractions. Whether you opt for one of our family townhouses and villas or choose a contemporary studio or apartment, Al Jaddaf Waterfront is where luxury meets tranquility. Just a 15-minute drive from Dubai International Airport, this neighbourhood is a prime location for buyers who travel regularly and would like a permanent base in the city.

Business Bay

Best for: first-time buyers and investors

Property types: apartments

With Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFIC) and Downtown Dubai little more than a stroll away, our waterfront development Marasi is all set to become one of the city’s leading showcases. Elevating residential living to new heights, Marasi is the world’s first purpose-built yacht destination with floating restaurants, an entertainment promenade, as well as plenty of green space. This is the only choice for buyers who want the thrill of living in a one-of-a-kind environment.

Invest in the best

All of this unites to make Dubai one of the world’s most covetable destinations. But while the appetite to live in the city exists, what about the demand for real-estate investment? Here are five of the reasons Dubai can be counted as among the soundest investments locations on the global market: 

1 – A strong economy

Dubai’s GDP continues to rise at a stable pace, with last year’s increase of 2.8% being a manifestation of Dubai’s strategical trading hub between the east and west. Of particular note is the rise of the real-estate market: in 2017, it contributed Dhs 27.6 billion to the economy, compared to Dhs 25.7 billion in 2016.

2 – Value for money

As has been the case across the global real-estate industry, Dubai’s market witnessed over the past two years a drop in property prices. But this trend has now shifted, and the market is reacting to flat-lined prices that signify bargains for potential investors and homeowners.

3 – A growing population

Dubai gets bigger all the time. Almost halfway through 2018, a little over 3 million people were living in the city. Five years back, that figure was down at 2.2 million, while projections pinpoint 2027 as the year 5-million mark topples. And with laws surrounding visas and business ownership earmarked to make Dubai an even more attractive location for investment, this represents a huge untapped audience for investors looking to rent their properties.

4 – Expo 2020

In two years’ time, the eyes of the world will turn towards the city as it opens its doors to host millions of visitors for the Expo 2020. This represents a huge opportunity for real-estate investment. Since Dubai was announced as host, there has been an accelerated drive to further develop the city’s infrastructure. Transport links, entertainment facilities and new communities are all well underway, and will come together to increase the size of the city and enhance its appeal.

5 – Our services

As we discuss in detail here, investors in Dubai’s real-estate market can expect a passive income yield that hovers around the 7-10% mark. At Dubai Properties, we offer the opportunity to invest with a down payment of only 10% (against 25% elsewhere), while we also provide customers with flexible and easy payment plans. On top of this, we are experts in property management. Community care, facility upkeep and e-services are all part of the experience, and we strive to maximise owners’ yield by preserving residents’ quality of living.

So, whether you’re looking to buy a home or invest in a property, Dubai represents a stable, exciting and luxurious opportunity. To learn more about our portfolio or for updates on our latest projects, please get in touch with us.


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