New property investment opportunities in Dubai

New property investment opportunities in Dubai

With a rising population, growing economy and flourishing tourism industry, Dubai is regarded as a leading destination for property investors. The city’s real-estate portfolio is constantly expanding and evolving to keep pace with the emirate’s rapidly changing face, with new communities defined by modern architecture and the full gamut of lifestyle amenities offering buy-to-let investors robust high-yield returns in a developing market. In this article, we analyse why Dubai is an attractively reliable proposition, where in the city the best ventures can be found, and what we at Dubai Properties do to make your investments successful.

Dubai’s real-estate in numbers

For a stellar return on investment, Dubai is a prime location. Last year, the city’s real-estate market contributed AED 27.6 billion to the city’s GDP. According to Business Insider, the United Arab Emirates ranks as the second-best country outside of the United States for buying properties to rent, with its low rental income tax (which stands at just 5%) being a key facet. Specific to Dubai, people who enter this property market can expect a healthy performance from their investment – as a benchmark figure, there is a passive income yield of 7-10%.

Off-plan and existing projects

While Dubai is home to some of the world’s most instantly recognisable landmarks, its eminence as a forward-looking metropolis is relatively recent and, as such, there is both a vast expanse of untouched land at its disposal and a consistently new audience looking to live there. With so much space and a regular intake of new residents (the population grows by roughly 100,000 each year), there is the capacity and appetite to conceive and construct sprawling neighbourhoods that offer residents a wholesome lifestyle they wouldn’t be able to enjoy elsewhere. The nature of these communities differs: city-slicking skyscrapers for young professionals, suburban dwellings designed with room for families to grow. But one thing is consistent across the board: these all-encompassing properties produce attractive investment opportunities.

Studios, apartments and lofts for Sale

Take our Marasi Business Bay community. Slated to feature a 12-kilometre promenade lined with water homes, floating restaurants, five marinas and a catalogue of leisure and entertainment options, it will join our Dubai Wharf (located close to Dubai International Airport) and Bellevue Towers (under the shadow of the Burj Khalifa) projects designed for young professionals and businesspeople eager to rent apartments, lofts and penthouses in the city’s most prestigious addresses.

Properties at Marasi Business Bay start from AED 1 million, with the project due for completion in the second quarter of 2021, by which time Dubai is forecasted to be reaping the rewards of hosting the Expo 2020. At Dubai Wharf, properties can be picked up from prices beginning at AED 937,000, while our Bellevue Towers complex offers a flexible payment schedule of 50% payment during the construction phase, 10% at handover and the remaining 40% split over two years in four equal instalments.

Townhouses and villas

For buy-to-rent properties that will attract families, Arabella 3 has all the hallmarks of being a family-friendly destination. Currently 60% finished and comprising three-, four- and five-bedroom townhouses and villas that can be purchased for AED 1.42 million and above, this gated community (located 30 minutes from Downtown Dubai and five from Sheikh Zayed Road, the city’s main highway) will join a cluster of already thriving neighbourhoods in our Mudon community. Here, families of different sizes enjoy a laidback lifestyle with landscape parks, jogging tracks, sports fields and easy access to schools, a supermarket, nursery, optician and pharmacy. With parking spaces (a rare privilege in other areas of the city), gardens and balconies, these properties are an ideal acquisition for someone who wants to invest in a plot of land that has the valuable commodity of green space.

Investing with Dubai Properties

With the reality of turning a profit on real-estate investment so reliant on buying in the right area, it’s crucial to invest with people who know the lay of the land. At Dubai Properties, we have over 15 years in the market and have built up an extensive inventory of communites located in some of the city’s hottest and busiest spots (to learn more, read our beginner’s guide to Dubai real estate). Our exacting standards for concepting and construction mean we have an established track record for developing enduringly popular neighbourhoods that renters want to live, work and play in. Working in a turnkey capacity for buy-to-let investors, we offer home insurance, registration for DEWA and du, while we also handle tenant issues and community maintenance.

To learn more about the investment opportunities and range of existing and off-plan locations with Dubai Properties, please contact us here.


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