"Fun, Fitness and Camaraderie" as over 10,000 spectators enjoy DP Dragon Boat Festival at Marasi Business Bay

"Fun, Fitness and Camaraderie" as over 10,000 spectators enjoy DP Dragon Boat Festival at Marasi Business Bay

Dragon boating gains another boost to its popularity in the UAE as RTA and Dubai Properties host one of the world’s fastest growing watersport events at the Dubai Water Canal

Dubai, UAE - 30 January 2017: Dubai Properties (DP), a leading Dubai-based real estate master developer and asset manager of renowned destinations across the Emirate, was the title sponsor of the DP Dragon Boat Festival that took place in partnership with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The sporting event took place for the first time at Marasi Business Bay, adjacent to the Dubai Water Canal, on the 27th and 28th January 2017. More than 10,000 spectators lined the banks of the Marasi Business Bay promenade to cheer on their favourite dragon boat teams and watch more than 70 teams compete in the popular watersport festival that commemorates the Chinese tradition of dragon boat racing.

Since the inaugural dragon boat event in 2007, the sport has experienced explosive growth in the Emirate. Dubai has become a famous name in the international dragon boat community with many local and international teams participating in the Dubai Properties Dragon Boat Festival hoping to be crowned as the overall winner.

The 2017 DP Dragon Boat Festival, which took place under the motto “Fun, Fitness, Camaraderie and Community Involvement”, was a fun day out for residents and visitors who took to the Marasi Business Bay Promenade to share in the excitement of the two-day festival. As the starting point for the race, the Promenade was also the perfect stage for a variety of family-friendly activities including a dedicated children’s activity area with arts & crafts, a soft play area, face painting, and climbing wall, as well as an F&B area with food trucks and other culinary delights. Many visitors also participated in the stand-up paddle-barding (SUP) race and took part in the fitness classes and demonstrations.

According to Juma Bin Darwish, Senior Executive Director Retail & Hotel Asset Management at DP: “We were delighted to see so many spectators turn out to show their support for the competing teams and to add to the positive community spirit of the day. The winning teams demonstrated a huge amount of skill and admirable sportsmanship and are very deserving of their moment in the spotlight. The success of the DP Dragon Boat Festival demonstrates the immense potential of Marasi Business Bay as a world-class watersports venue and highlights the Marasi Promenade as a must-visit outdoor destination for sports, entertainment, leisure and outdoor family time.”

In line with the Dubai Plan 2021, the 10 km Marasi Business Bay Promenade presents a vibrant and active urban multi-purpose destination, providing a rich cultural experience and globally distinctive entertainment outlets and sporting facilities. The Promenade is a perfect workout destination for the city’s new generation of active, fitness-conscious citizens and visitors.


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